Jaimie Olmstead

My name’s Jaimie Olmstead. Just a girl, living in a spooky world. This is my personal blog where I plan to recount the parts of history which are often forgotten and forced to recede into the dark recesses of time. Stories range from Victorian mourning rituals to modern true crime and murder.

I’ve had a fascination with the macabre since I was about 7 yrs old after having an encounter with a ghost in my childhood home. The best way, I thought, to combat my fear was to immerse myself in books on the paranormal and ghosts. Knowledge is power, right? I watched my School House Rock. Unfortunately this lead to just more sleepless nights. I had scared myself silly. Fortunately, it gave me a life long interest in these subjects that hasn’t dulled to this day!

I hope you find the stories I share intriguing, educational, and sometimes just downright scary.